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Fast Track Curriculum® for Preschool

Empower your child to take charge of their learning and make learning exciting, fun, and full of adventure.

Through playing with a purpose, preschoolers and pre-kindergarteners are immersed in hands-on activities designed to help them understand the world around them, discover their strengths, and learn to fly.

Our Fast Track Curriculum® nurtures emerging skills in areas including social-emotional, literacy and language, math, science, social studies, physical development, and 21st century school-readiness.

Standards-driven Preschool curriculum for children 3-4 years old

Online Preschool Curriculum

  • Establish a strong foundation for PreKindergarten
  • A foundation of fun, learning, and development
  • Teacher-led lessons offer experiences for preschoolers
  • Literacy/language, math and science, social-emotional, self-regulation, and personal health and care habits concepts and development
  • Our award-winning curriculum adapted for you and your child at home

Learning Stations

Learning stations allow our children to explore, learn, communicate, and problem solve. Learning stations are adapted in our online learning academy so that your child is able to develop these concepts from the comfort of your home.

  • Construction Station (building and blocks) – Provides the opportunity to explore math concepts such as patterns, shapes, balance, comparison, and measurement, while also practicing problem-solving, perseverance, patience, and more
  • Discovery Station – Supports the development of fine-motor skills, cause and effect, vocabulary, natural exploration, sorting, questioning skills, and experimentation
  • Story Station – Develops word recognition, rhyming skills, listening skills, oral language, print to sound, sequencing, and book concepts
  • Creation Station – Promotes creativity and free expression while developing fine-motor skills and proper use of art materials and tools
  • Imagination Station – Allows children to use their imagination while also practicing social skills, teamwork, respect for others, manners, household routines, and self-awareness
  • Exploration Station (Math) – Further develops math concepts such as patterns, classification, counting, addition comparison, shapes, sequencing, while also working on problem-solving, and patience
  • Writing Station – Further develops fine-motor skills, while also working on letter writing, punctuation, sight words, grammar, charting, storytelling, and proper use of writing tools
  • Music Station – Supports the development of expression by using a variety of musical materials
  • Sensory Station – Provides opportunities for exploring a variety of materials different in texture along with reinforcing measurement, and other pre-numeracy skills

Whole Child Approach

Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Social-Emotional development are crucial tenants of a child’s development

  • Literacy/Language: Development of literacy and language development skills. Increase literacy through read-aloud-books, poems, rhymes, and songs. Daily station time to reinforce learning goals related to language and literacy
  • Math/Science: Math concepts are present in lessons that encourage the development of confident counting and recognition of numbers through a variety of materials including manipulatives. Opportunities for exploration through scientific experiments; activities that focus on physical science, life science, earth and space science, health, safety, and nutrition
  • Social-Emotional: Communication skills are used in various ways to allow children the ability to express themselves and their feelings appropriately. Self-expression taught and supported through creation, music, and vocabulary
  • Social Studies: Opportunities to increase knowledge of one’s own culture and embracing different cultures. Daily creative expression opportunities

Why Wait?

Our online curriculum includes additional experiences to strengthen and reinforce science, technology, art, and math concepts through our Brainwaves® and STEAM Ahead® curriculum program incorporated into a daily schedule.