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We Love Our Parents, Too!

For our parents, we understand the time constraints that you face while taking care of your children and families.  As a Kids ‘R’ Kids Online Academy parent, you have full access to Parent Teacher Connections to meet with teachers and other parents to interact with them online. Virtual online parent events include:
  • 1-1 child progress reviews
  • Parent and teacher conferences
  • Open house events
  • Parent workshops
  • Parent Q&A group discussions

These benefits are unique to Kids ‘R’ Kids Online Academy and for parents who would like to meet up with other families, and their children, you can join our Facebook community to attend “live” meet ups or visit one of our physical school locations to chat and share stories with others.

Frequently asked questions

Children thrive when there is structure and predictability. Structure helps children adapt to their new virtual learning environment and keeps them organized, so they can stay focused on learning. Children can learn at their own pace. Virtual learning enhances computer and internet proficiency and can accommodate a wide range of learning styles and use a variety of methods.

Virtual learning provides families with the flexibility they need if working from home. Being a part of their child’s daily learning increases engagement and keeps families in the loop with their child’s learning goals.

Once children have taken the initial ABCmouse assessments in Literacy and Math, scores are immediately sent to the parents, providing additional digital lessons to complete to strengthen skills needed. Teachers can monitor digital activities completed through the ABCmouse classroom account. Students are rewarded when they meet their weekly goals.

Tuition is $99/Month per student. Families generally only need one login for the 2Be Live Platform unless students are using two different devices. Separate ABCmouse accounts are provided for each child, under 1 parent login.

Students can participate in the live virtual classes using a PC, laptop or tablet that has internet access. Larger screens are better for viewing purposes. There are handwriting worksheets families will need to print out each week and sometimes STEAM lab activities.

Most of the materials needed for our activities are common household items, however, parents will receive a list of materials at the beginning of each week that will be used in the activities for that week.

In between classes, families are provided with a daily schedule of activities which include, digital learning with ABCmouse, indoor & outdoor play, writing practice, and self-directed learning games.

After attending the 30 min live classes each day, students should spend up to 15 minutes completing assigned activities on ABCmouse.com. This will help reinforce daily lessons and skills taught. Children should complete 1 suggested offline activity each day (15 min) and play outside twice a day for at least 30 minutes each. Play is one of the most important things your child can do at this age. We suggest a mix of playing games, pretend, using manipulatives, physical and creative play each day! We recommend no more than two hours of screen time each day.

At least 1 hour each day. We ask for families to help their child with joining the 30 min live lessons and with the STEAM projects. We also encourage families to read with their children each day and talk about what they are learning. Our lessons focus on providing a schedule that is flexible but meets children’s needs for routine and play. Our suggested offline activities are planned so that parents can choose to work one on one with their child or let them independently complete activities, providing parents with the time they need to work around the house. It is important for families to support their children while learning from home so that they can be successful and ready for kindergarten!

Yes, the teacher can ask questions and students can respond in multiple ways using the chat box feature (parents will type in the questions/response), emotion emojis, and by clicking on the picture quizzes from our interactive whiteboard to answer questions during instruction. Immediate feedback is sent and given to the teacher and students. Children can also upload photos of their projects completed for us to share during the live class.

For the safety and privacy of the children and families at home, we don’t use camera or audio access, but the children are still able to participate using the features mentioned.

All virtual teachers are DCF certified and previous early childhood classroom teachers.

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