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Kids 'R' Kids Online Preschool Learning Academy


Kids ‘R’ Kids Online Learning Academy
A new and exciting way to engage, learn and play in an interactive, digital learning environment.
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  • Live 30-minute online classes every weekday
  • ABCmouse Schools Home Account
  • Bonus – Techie Kids Club live, interactive class for children every Friday at 3:30 p.m. ET.
  • Additional at-home activities for offline learning and fun
  • Nationally accredited curriculum
  • Program Cost: $99/month
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What Does My Child Need to Succeed?

Worried about extra time, materials and effort to provide your child with a successful online learning experience? Worry no more! The Kids ‘R’ Kids Online Learning Academy requires minimal materials and effort on your part, all while providing your child with the tools and learning experience they need to succeed!

Hear What Parents Have To Say!

“My daughter has thrived in the KRK Online Learning experience. The teachers are incredibly engaging. She’s developed a great relationship with her teachers and now has so many applied tech skills. I’m really happy with the decision to enroll her and have shared our positive experience with so many parents. The tools and curriculum are easy to use and follow.

It’s such a beautiful thing to have her reference what she learned in class. To this day she likes to emphasize when there is a big, bigger and biggest of something. It was the lesson discussed during her first class. That’s how impactful the learning environment has been for her over the last 6 months.”

– Online Learning Academy parent from Texas

“This online  program has been a great way to integrate a new routine during our stay-at-home way of life. The online classes are well organized and offer a great program, from learning letters, sight words, vocabulary, stories, songs, math, science and art! The teacher has a great way to get the kids involved and feel connected, and our daughter is now sad when she doesn’t have class during the weekend! She has learned so much and it also helped her to connect with friends even if they are virtual. We definitely recommend this program for kids staying at home and striving to learn!”

– Online Learning Academy parent from North Carolina

“My kid who is 5 years old enjoying virtual classes which are providing by kidrkids. They spend 30 mins session by managing different activities. They are good at time and manages all different skills which children require in this age. It requires some improvements in some activities but overall I can say it is good for kids during this pandemic season.”

– Online Learning Academy parent from Pennsylvania 

“After the pandemic hit we were no longer comfortable sending our children to school. This meant no preschool for my 4 year old. I did the best I could at home to help grow her education, but she needed more. My sister in law had her kids going to Kids R Kids school before the pandemic. Sister in law suggested I sign mine up for the  online classes. My daughter started online class the beginning of 2021. She has learned so much. Kids R Kids online classes keeps the kids super engaged. They have so many fun projects and experiments. She loves all the teacher interaction, steam labs, Techie Kids Club, and share time Friday. Kids R Kids has helped my daughter prepare for ‘big girl school’ as she calls it. Thank you for all the help and resources.”

– Online Learning Academy parent from Texas

5-Star Reviews

“We are very pleased with the KRK Virtual Classes so far! Our daughter has learned quite a bit in just a month and looks forward to her classes each day. The teacher is very engaging and makes sure to include all the students in the activities. The classes are structured yet fun! Our daughter especially loves the STEAM Lab and ABC Mouse, and gets very excited when her projects are shared on Fridays! We would highly recommend the classes as an alternative to in-person learning.”

– Online Learning Academy parent from Virginia

5-Star Reviews

“We had a second child back in May and he was in the NICU for two and a half weeks due to heart and lung issues. He still has a hole in his heart and due to this, we cannot risk our health by sending his older brother back to school when I went back to work in September.

While I was on maternity leave, I got to spend enough time with our toddler that it felt more like a very extended summer break. But now with the climate of things, we had to keep him out of daycare when I went back to work.

He is intellectually advanced for his age and has thrived with the Kids R Kids curriculum and we have felt very guilty about keeping him at home even though we know this is all just temporary. When we heard about the ability to give him 30 minutes of education a day, plus the ABC Mouse account to compliment the curriculum, we did not think twice. Not only is this bringing intellectual enrichment to his daily routine but also great STEAM activities that I would just not have come up with on my own.

This is obviously not the same as getting to physically interact with other children of the same age but it is a really close second place. And the biggest concern we had is that he was losing his routine and stimulation and this has made a huge impact. Thank you!”

– Online Learning Academy parent from Texas


With the onset of Covid-19, many families are hesitant to send their early learners back to school. The Online Learning Academy provides preschool through pre-kindergarten children with a full-day program, on a virtual platform.

Give your child a head start with the Kids ‘R’ Kids Online Learning Academy, designed to prepare your child for school with our exclusive, research-based Fast Track Curriculum. Our online classes are taught by certified early childhood teachers in a live, virtual classroom setting. Your child will actively engage with our curriculum via activities, read-along time, and exciting STEAM experiments designed for their developmental level! Your child will also have access to an ABCmouse Schools home account to continue their learning with fun, educational offline activities with a built-in parent assessment tool.  Watch our online academy tour video below!

  • Live online classes taught by certified early childhood teachers
  • ABCmouse Schools Home Account
  • Offline Activities
Craft time with Online Learning Academy!

Why Kids Love The Online Learning Academy

Children love the Kids ‘R’ Kids Online Learning Academy! With plenty of activities and engaging teachers, your child will feel like she is at school.

Online Learning Tour

Join Ms. Lauren & Mrs. Whitney on a tour of our virtual classrooms to hear about programs such as:

  • Circle Time
  • Reading Rug
  • STEAM Lab
  • 2belive platform
  • Offline Activities
More about our curriculum

STEAM® Activities

Part of our exclusive Kids ‘R’ Kids curriculum is a robust STEAM® curriculum that allows your child to explore science, technology, engineering, art, and math concepts in real-time! Take a look at a sample STEAM® activity and see how we actively engage our students every day.

About Kids 'R' Kids

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies strives for every child in our care to feel safe, loved, and inspired. We are committed to providing a solid educational foundation, well-trained teachers, and a secure environment where children can flourish intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Techie Kids Club

Virtual Enrichment Techie Kids Club @ Home hosts a live, interactive class for children every Friday at 3:30 p.m. ET.

Each week, Techie Kids Club coaches teach a new, live 30 minute lesson with fun STEAM based, coding and robotics activities. Printable class materials are sent to parents via email every week.

ABC Mouse for Schools
ABCMouse for Schools
ABCmouse for Schools home account is included and provides a step-by-step learning path to our curriculum alignment.

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