The Foundation of our curriculum

Research-based and standards-driven, our learning methods are supported by the leading educational theories of Piaget, Vygotsky, and Smilansky.

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  • Language Development

Vocabulary is introduced in conversations, activities, and stories. Students use increasingly complex spoken language. 

Students demonstrate increased knowledge of the alphabet and awareness of print concepts and they begin to develop early phonological awareness.

  • Physical Development 

We practice the development of gross motor skills and fine motor skills. We discuss and practice safe, healthy habits and work on activities related to nutrition.

Students demonstrate an awareness of the body in space and its relationship to objects in space. They use senses to explore the environment and process information.

  • Social & Emotional

Students develop self-awareness and look for ways to engage in self-expression. They can demonstrate self-control and develop relationships and social skills with adults and with their peers.

Students show initiative and self-direction and develop genuine curiosity in tasks. They sustain attention to specific activities and demonstrate persistence.

  • Cognitive Development

Students understand concepts of quantity, distance, weight, dimensions, and time. They create patterns, understand spatial relationships, and use math for problem-solving. 

Students will begin to demonstrate scientific inquiry skills and knowledge related to physical science. They use movement, visual arts, voice, and drama to express their creativity.

Explore, Excite & Inspire!

Flex Learning

Daily Recorded Classes

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  • Access over 200 recorded videos
  • Flexible & Watch on Demand
  • KRK Fast Track Curriculum ®
  • Home extension materials
  • Offline learning plans & activities
  • Learning progress reports

Pre-K Live

Interact with Teachers

$ 99 Month
  • Everything from Flex Learning
  • ABCmouse Membership
  • Daily live video classes
  • Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Homework show-and-tell
  • Weekly book readings
  • Learn and prepare for Kindergarten

Preschool Live

Interact with Teachers

$ 69 Month
  • Everything from Flex Learning
  • Daily live video classes
  • Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Homework show-and-tell
  • Weekly book readings
  • Learn and prepare for Pre-K

What Parents Say

“My 5 year old is enjoying virtual classes which are provided by Kids ‘R’ Kids. They spend 30 minutes in a session managing different activities. They are good at time and manage all different skills which children require in this age.”



“The teacher has a great way to get the kids involved and feel connected, and our daughter is now sad when she doesn’t have class during the weekend! She has learned so much and it also helped her to connect with friends even if they are virtual. We definitely recommend this program for kids staying at home and striving to learn!”

North Carolina

North Carolina

“It’s such a beautiful thing to have her reference what she learned in class. To this day she likes to emphasize when there is a big, bigger and biggest of something. It was the lesson discussed during her first class. That’s how impactful the learning environment has been for her over the last 6 months.”



The award-winning Kids ‘R’ Kids curriculum is taught in person in over 170 academies worldwide. Now, it’s a virtual program that can prepare your early learner for Kindergarten. 


Monday - Friday

8:00 am to 6:00 pm (Eastern)

All class times are listed in Eastern Time.

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